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The evolution of a typical trade fair


Printed Publications for a sector owned by one media group or association.

Printed Publication launches Trade Fair for a sector owned by one media group or association.

Printed Publication, Trade Fair launches Fair Website for a sector owned by one media group or association. Publications goes into decline.

Trade Fair and Fair Website for a sector owned by one media group or association. Printed Publications disappear with the explosion of new 3rd party websites in the sector replacing publications... What's next!

Your Fair’s own e-commerce platform

WeFair will work with your team to build out an e-commerce platform only for your exhibitors which the Fair will own indefinitely creating new revenue streams for the Fair removing the reliance on 3rd party websites – who are the future competitors of Fairs.


  • Visitor Registrations
  • Sqm & Ticket Sales


  • Commission on Exhibitor Sales
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Subscription Fees

A tailored e-commerce framework designed to make your fair excel online

Enable new revenue streams

Commission from sales

Your Fair will take between 5% - 15% commission on all sales made on your Fairs e-commerce platform. 5%-10% from current exhibitors, 10%-15% from lapsed exhibitors. Your fair sales team can offer lower commissions from sales on the e-commerce platform to close stand sales.

Subscription revenue

Current Exhibitors will be charged £240 per year to use the platform, lapsed exhibitors will be charged £1000 per year. Your fair sales team can offer a free subscription to the e-commerce platform for 1 year to close stand sales.

Ad revenue

Advertising spaces on your fairs e-commerce platform will be sold 365. Your fair sales team can offer free ad space on the platform to close stand sales and manage ad spaces directly from the control panel.

Harness your data

WeFair will show your fair team how to harness your existing data and grow new audiences through digital marketing. We will set your fair up for the future.

Automated ads

WeFair will automatically generate ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest with the most relevant products and website content.

Lookalike audiences

We use Facebook & Pinterest's marketing tools to target new audiences that look similar to your existing subscribers.

Retarget Audiences

Use your data to retarget people with newsletters and relevant advertisements to increase revenue.

Dataset analysis

Learn about your audience through their online behavior

Key features

Your WeFair platform is designed to make it easy for your exhibitors to log in and manage their own shop section, and easy for you to edit all content and monitor the preformance.

Exhibitor Signup

Your exhibitors will be able to sign in to their own e-commerce dashboard and add products themselves.

Analytics Dashboard

Your fair and exhibitors will have access to separate dashboards showing all figures and performance of the site and sales respectively.

Tailored design

Your visual identity will be applied to WeFair's framework, including logo, colors, and fonts.

Responsive interface

Your site will work across all browsers and fit the screen of all devices - Just like an app.

Sync with Social Media

Your marketing team will be able to tag products directly in posts on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.

Customised Trade Pricing

Customers will be able to apply for trade login and instantly view custom pricing determined by the exhibitor/brand.

Customer Live Chat

Your exhibitors will be able to chat directly with clients and get a full overview of leads captured.

Integrated Shipping

Your Exhibitors will be able to add their own shipping rates based on the clients' locations.

Trade fairs have been inviting 3rd party ecommerce platforms to partner with their fairs for over 10 years. These ecommerce platforms have grown fat and super valuable through their access to Fairs super targeted exhibitor and visitor audience with little or no benefit to the Fairs who have hosted them.

Jimmy Macdonald, CEO, E•FAIR Founder of the London Design Fair

This has got to change! Looking at the chronology above it's only a matter of time before exhibitors become completely reliant on these 3rd party platforms reducing the need for Fairs.

Jimmy Macdonald, CEO, E•FAIR Founder of the London Design Fair

Whilst protecting the future of your fair now you can start creating a second revenue stream immediately by way of servicing your exhibitors with a transactional ecommerce platform 365.

Jimmy Macdonald, CEO, E•FAIR Founder of the London Design Fair

Jimmy Macdonald

Founder & Ex-Director, London Design Fair till 2019 (Acquired in 2018). Owner & Commercial Director of Adorno.Design ecommerce platform. Listed as 1000 most influential Londoners 2018 - Citybank and Evening Standard list.

Martin Clausen

Awarded Creative Tech Entrepreneur with vast experience in building e-commerce platforms and co-founder of Adorno.Design.

Kristian Snorre Andersen

Renowned international creative sector strategist within both the private and public domain. Creating strategic global partnerships. CEO & Co-founder of

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